The Future of Thematic Investing

The Challenge of Thematic Investing

You want to invest in themes that you believe in, themes that align with your view of the future. Today, thematic investing is unnecessarily complex and tedious. We're here to change that.

  • Information Overload

    Analysts report spending two-thirds of their time collecting and understanding data before determining if it is material.

  • Ineffective & Tedious Methods of Analyzing Textual Sources

    Sources that must be discovered, consumed, and analyzed manually: new regulations, earnings calls, patent filings, news articles ...

  • Reading (and re-reading) SEC Filings & Company Texts

    When a company releases its 10-K, 10-Q, or other filing, analysts must read through the form to extract information. Non-obvious, but material, changes from one year to the next may go overlooked in the process.

Our Solution

Theia Insights Thematic Analytics Platform

Theia Insights provides a dynamic knowledge graph for the financial economy connecting industries, themes and companies, using proprietary state-of-the-art NLP and financial AI research, which provides deep thematic insights and data-driven investment products for financial practitioners and individuals alike.


  • Our proprietary Theia Insights Industry Classification (TIIC) system provides a more dynamic and theme-aligned alternative to existing industries classification systems
  • Explore a company's thematic exposures and discover all companies exposed to a given theme
  • Observe how themes have evolved over time, access evidence of a company's thematic involvement and discover related themes

Direct Indexing

  • Select portfolio holdings based on thematic exposures & financial criteria
  • Backtest thematic portfolios
  • Save portfolios and track performance over time
  • Generate white-label client reports with state of the art text generation technology

Research & Insights

  • Go beyond thematic screening to access trends as they play out in real time
  • Conduct thematic research relative to financial & economic measures
  • Track thematic risks and event exposures
  • Set alerts for a selection of themes
  • Generate trading signals


Advisors, Investors & Hedge Funds
Index Providers & Asset Managers
Government, Media & Academia


Theia Insights Analytics Platform
will launch in beta in December 2022.
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