Who We Are

Theia Insights started in early 2022. Currently we are a 20-member team of experienced NLP and quant finance/index professionals (three of whom are alums of Amazon Alexa) and experienced business builders. We have thus far financed our buildout through a network of friends and family and the sweat equity of our team members, who currently retain the vast majority of capital stock. Below are the members of our leadership team:
Dr. Ye Tian is a former Scientist at Amazon Alexa, ex-NLP Lead at MediaTek Research ex lecturer in NLP at University College London. PhD UCL & PostDoc Paris Diderot.
Nathan Burton is a quantitative analyst and data scientist in ETFs and cryptocurrencies. MS degrees in Math, Finance, and Economics.
Dr. Lemin Wu is a former Economics Professor, Peking University. Ph.D. in Economics UC Berkeley.
Garrett Conway is a former Product Manager & Strategist at Nasdaq Index R&D, Finance Director, Market Risk at Morgan Stanley. 15+ years experience in finance.
Dr. Migael Strydom is a former Senior Software Engineer & Tech Lead at Amazon Alexa. Ph.D. Physics, Max Planck Institute for Physics.
Dan Alper is a rare combination of successful entrepreneur, investor and experienced attorney. His past experiences include being a Co-founding Member of a life finance company, a public market Chief Executive Officer, and a private equity portfolio manager advisor.

What We're Up To

With thematic classification as a starting point, we have created our proprietary and dynamic industry and theme taxonomy, tracking what companies are exposed to each theme by how much. We are building a full-featured analytics and direct indexing platform that will expose our knowledge graph based products to investors, financial advisors and asset managers, allowing them to understand industries, themes, and their interconnectedness. Such understanding helps our customers make timely, risk-calibrated and informed decisions around their thematic investing practices.
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